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A New Hampshire USA native and an accomplished 3D design artist, Sev began singing and playing music professionally as soon as he graduated from high school. Since that time he has entertained audiences in concert settings, clubs, house concerts and private parties throughout northern New England.


From clay modeling to motion graphics, from video production to 3D character creation and animation, from music composition and arranging to novel writing, from Airstream customizing to life style choices . . . it's all about problem solving and creative design. It's all here at Sevhead.com.

The Mermaid Story

In the year 2020 A mysterious mermaid is discovered. Her name is Epyphany and she may be the last hope for our dying planet. Now available on Amazon.

The Mica-Sev Project

The Mica-Sev Project is a collaboration between two talented, experienced veterans of the New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts coastal music scene; Yamica “Mica” Peterson on vocals and keyboard with Don “Sev” Severance on vocals, guitar, live loops and original beats. ”It’s all about the groove”